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Manage Operational Plan (BSBMGT517)


    Manage Operational Plan (BSBMGT517)


    This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to develop and monitor implementation of the operational plan to provide efficient and effective workplace practices within the organization’s productivity and profitability plans. Management at a strategic level requires systems and procedures to be developed and implemented to facilitate the organization’s operational plan. This unit applies to individuals who manage the work of others and operate within the parameters of a broader strategic and/or business plan.

    This unit contributes the attainment of National Certificates.

    An Operational Plan (OP) is a detailed plan used to provide a clear picture of how a team, section or department will contribute to the achievement of the organization’s strategic goals.

    It is important to understand the difference between an ‘operational plan’ and a ‘strategic plan’. The strategic plan sets the direction for the organization, devises goals and objectives and identifies a range of strategies to pursue so that the organization might achieve its goals. The strategic plan is a general guide for the management of the organization according to the priorities and goals of stakeholders. The strategic plan DOES NOT stipulate the day-to-day tasks and activities involved in running the organization.

    On the other hand the operational plan DOES present highly detailed information specifically to direct people to perform the day-to-day tasks required in the running of the organization. The management and staff in an organization should frequently refer to the operational plan in carrying out their everyday work. The operational plan provides the what, who, when and how much:

    1. What – the strategies and tasks that must be undertaken
    2. Who – the persons who have responsibility of each for the strategies/tasks
    3. When – the timelines in which strategies/tasks must be completed
    4. How much – the financial resources allocated to complete each strategy/task


    This unit of competency has been about how to take a plan and manage it – ensuring that it reaches all goals and objectives that you have set. Ensuring that you know how to plan and implement it is crucial to your success as a manager. Implementing a plan involves many tasks. You must ensure you have:

    1. Developed a plan that lists all resources required, and provides all necessary information for implementing the plan
    2. Identified key performance indicators that will allow you to monitor the process and ensure it is working effectively
    3. Hired all staff required to undertake your plan
    4. Acquired all physical resources that are needed for the plan to be implemented
    5. Monitored your processes to ensure they are meeting requirements
    6. Made any adjustments to your plan to keep its performance high


    As you can see this is an on-going process of improvement – the better your plan is formulated – the more effective it will be, and the easier the rest of the process will be to implement.


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